Inside Advantage Summer 2016

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Futures Trading Software

Which Path is Right for You? Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) carved out a niche to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated traders. Advantage Futures is vendor-neutral, allowing clients the flexibility to select the best fit for their trading needs. Clients determine the appropriate software for

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24-Hour Global Execution Desk (GED)

Advantage Futures features a 24-Hour Global Execution Desk with the infrastructure and personnel to provide clients round-the-clock access to execution and market information. Our experienced execution staff keeps clients abreast of developments in futures markets around the globe, giving traders access to efficient and timely

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Choosing Your Front-End Provider

Q & A with Mark Frantz, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Advantage Futures Mark Frantz, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Advantage Futures, describes how Advantage can assist clients in choosing the front-end system best suited to their needs. Question: How do you decide which system

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INTEREST RATES – Spreading Treasury Futures and Deliverable Swap Futures

Special Report by CME Group Nicholas Johnson, Economist, Research & Product Development, Jonathan…

While credit risk exposure has traditionally been captured by spreading over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate swaps (IRS) against on-the-run (OTR) U.S. Treasury notes or bonds, the expansion of Exchange listed US Dollar Interest Rate Swap futures (deliverable swap futures, or DSFs) at the major tenor points

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