InsideAdvantage Summer 2014

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Futures Trading Software

Navigating the Best Option for your Trading

By Iqbal Brainch, Chief Marketing Officer, Advantage Futures  As electronic trading has grown over the past decade, so have the number of front-end trading platforms. Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) have carved out a niche to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated traders. Advantage Futures remains a vendor-neutral FCM, allowing clients

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Hybrid Consulting

Maximizing Your Technology Investment

By David Widerhorn, CEO, David Widerhorn Consulting LLC Let’s face it: today’s futures markets aren’t what they were two decades ago – or even two years ago. The buzz-words “high frequency” and “algo” have gone from being a part of obscure conversation topics shared between graduate physics and computer science

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Portfolio Analytics and Future Scenarios

By: Blu Putnam, Chief Economist and Samantha Azzarello, Economist, CME Group All examples in this report are hypothetical interpretations of situations and are used for explanation purposes only. The views in this report reflect solely those of the authors and not necessarily those of CME Group or its affiliated institutions. This report and the

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In-House [Im]PROP[er] Trading

Proceed with Caution

By: Ginger Szala MF Global is one of the more blatant examples of the danger of banks and brokers engaging in proprietary trading while also servicing client trading. In that case, monies from once seemingly secure customer segregated funds on the futures commission merchant side of the business were used to fund the firm’s

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