InsideAdvantage Winter 2014

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LONDON CALLING, Futures Trading Across the Pond

Advantage Futures experienced a significant increase of activity in the United Kingdom this past year. We sat down with the Advantage Futures London business development team of Brendan Sullivan, Mike O’Malley, Bill King and Clayton Passero to better understand their perspectives on growth opportunities in London.   ADVANTAGE IN LONDON

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Monetary Policy and Interest Rate Outlook 2014

By A.G. (Tassos) Malliaris Professor of Economics and Finance, Loyola University Seminar Presented November 12, 2013   While it can be difficult to predict what is to come with Monetary Policy and Interest Rates, the outlook for the next six months should be very exciting due to the change of

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Interest Rates: Trading the Swap Spread

John W. Labuszewski CME Group, Managing Director Research & Product Development   Many traders think in terms of buying (selling) interest rate futures to capitalize on anticipated falling (rising) yields in response to changes in Fed policy or to dynamic macroeconomic conditions. Some take a more subtle approach by trading

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Ten Years of Risk

Bill Steele, Chief Risk Officer The last decade has been marked by transition for Advantage Futures and the futures industry: the progression from pit to screen, the shift to 24-hour markets, the move by the individual trader into trading groups, the increase in international clientele and the consolidation of exchanges.

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