Inside Advantage Winter 2018

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FCMs Still Haunted by the Past

By Ginger Szala Reprinted with permission of CTA Intelligence   Like the rattling chains of Jacob Marley haunting Scrooge, the ghosts of MF Global and PFG still wander the halls at futures commission merchants today and remain alive and well in the manifested actions of

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Nasdaq Futures Exchange

Interview with Rick Beaman Vice President, Nasdaq, Head of Nasdaq Futures Exchange Rob Finnegan, Co-Founding Partner, Tethys Group   Advantage: NFX appears to have really gained some traction. How long have you been around and what is your average volume as a percent of total energy business?  Rick

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2017 Outlook Fiscal Policy and Market Challenges

February 2017 Special Report by Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group The sweeping Republican victory in the 2016 U.S. elections to win the White House, Senate and House of Representatives could break years of political gridlock in Congress. This breakthrough is likely to set the stage for the new administration to forge

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Conquering Chaos: Eris on TT’s Trade Talk Blog

February 2017 Conquering Chaos:  Eris on TT’s Trade Talk Blog Election Volatility and its Impact on Interest Rates and Swap Futures in 2017 Written by Eris Exchange Christopher Rodriguez, Chief Marketing and Relationship Management Officer Geoffrey Sharp, Managing Director and Head of Sales Eris is a U.S. futures

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