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Advantage Futures

Advantage Futures Cuts Server Colocation Pricing

Chicago, IL, January 31, 2014 –

Advantage Futures announced significant reductions in server colocation pricing. In an environment of escalating fees, Advantage believes it appropriate to help our clients in every way possible. “Many clients rely on server colocation for latency sensitive trading, and we believe it prudent to pass along the benefits from our economies of scale,” said Joe Guinan, Chairman and CEO, Advantage Futures.

Some of the reductions include:

CME Group Colocation Services
(pricing offered exclusively by Advantage Futures, not by CME Group)

Reduced Facility Infrastructure Fee by $400 per month
Reduced Exchange Connectivity Fee by at least $500 per month
Reduced Server Install Fee by $1000 and waived through May 31, 2014

350 East Cermak

Reduced Server Hosting fee by $100 to $200 (per U) per month
Reduced Exchange Connectivity Fee by up to $400 per month
Server Install Fee waived through May 31, 2014

Fee reductions take effect February 1, 2014.

About Advantage:

Advantage Futures ranks among the high volume futures brokers in the industry—processing over 3.9 billion contracts since inception in 2003. Advantage continues to expand its diverse client base by striving to deliver the highest level of client service. Our exceptional technology support, experienced risk management and responsive back office operations combine to provide comprehensive, technology-driven clearing and execution services over robust and redundant network infrastructure. For more information visit:

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