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Advantage Futures and DWC Enter Into Global Quote Spoofing Surveillance Software Agreement

Chicago, IL, March 31, 2015 –

Chicago, March 31, 2015 – David Widerhorn Consulting (DWC) announced today that Advantage Futures is the most recent licensee of its new compliance platform, Neurensic.

Neurensic is a stand-alone surveillance product suite, powered by modern artificial intelligence and data visualization technologies, designed specifically for the detection of disruptive market activities such as quote spoofing and quote stuffing.  It utilizes a combination of specialized machine learning techniques, proprietary algorithmic trading knowledge, and advanced case management features, combined to create an all-in-one compliance solution.  Neurensic was developed specifically with the goal of filling the exploding industry need for a product addressing the growing surveillance demands of Dodd-Frank, and more recently, CME’s Rule 575 prohibiting disruptive trading practices.

Joe Guinan, CEO of Advantage commented, “For over a year now DWC has been a valuable strategic technology relationship for Advantage Futures.  We are absolutely thrilled to have selected them as key architects of our next-generation compliance technology infrastructure.  Their new surveillance product, Neurensic, will be an incredible asset – not only in helping us rapidly respond to exchange inquiries, but also in protecting our clients by evaluating and tracking their daily trading activity.  We are confident that DWC’s unique approach will be a game changer in the way it allows FCMs to proactively help their customers stay compliant with government and exchange regulations as policies continue to evolve.”

David Widerhorn, CEO of DWC said, “Our cutting-edge market surveillance and risk data visualization platform allows Advantage’s compliance team to efficiently ensure extraordinary levels of protection and unprecedented, firm-wide oversight of their trading clientele.  Neurensic fills a critical need in today’s marketplace, given the radically increased levels of regulatory rigor towards quote spoofing within the futures industry.”

About DWC:

DWC is a Chicago-based, boutique enterprise technology firm providing state-of-the-art solutions addressing financial services clients’ complex and dynamic global business needs. This expertise allows DWC to develop sustainable and cost-effective technology solutions that are on the forefront of innovation and provide our clients with a significant competitive edge. DWC’s product line focuses on deploying state-of-the-art technologies to help firms understand and address the industry’s most challenging risk management and compliance issues.

DWC has a strategic alliance with Melamed & Associates (M&A), a premier global consultancy firm with respect to business, markets, and market intelligence. Organized in 1993 by the firm’s chairman and CEO, Leo Melamed, M&A provides a wide array of global consulting services to governments, private sector enterprises, and individuals.

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About Advantage Futures:

Advantage Futures ranks among the high volume futures brokers in the industry—processing over 3.9 billion contracts since inception in 2003. Advantage continues to expand its diverse client base by striving to deliver the highest level of client service. Our exceptional technology support, experienced risk management and responsive back office operations combine to provide comprehensive, technology-driven clearing and execution services over robust and redundant network infrastructure. For more information visit:

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