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    Business Continuity Plan

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    Business Continuity Plan Summary

    This is a summary of the Business Continuity Plan (the “Plan”) developed by Advantage Futures LLC (“Advantage”). The Plan sets forth how Advantage will respond to significant disruptions affecting Advantage’s business and outlines the steps to be taken to protect employees and property, meet existing obligations to customers, establish communications with customers, employees, vendors and regulators, and enable Advantage to resume operations.


    Contacting Advantage
    If you are unable to contact Advantage after a significant business disruption, you should:

    • Call one of the following alternative telephone numbers: 312.800.7000 or 312.800.7120


    Overview of Business Continuity Plan
    In the event of a significant business disruption, Advantage will make an assessment of the overall impact of the disruption on Advantage’s business with a goal of recovering and resuming operations as quickly as possible. The Plan addresses the following areas: (1) data back-up and recovery; (2) mission critical systems; (3) financial and operational assessments; (4) alternate communications between customers and Advantage; (5) alternate communications between Advantage and its employees; (6) alternate physical location of employees; (7) critical vendors and other business contacts; (8) regulatory reporting; (9) communications with regulators; and (10) assuring that Advantage’s customers have prompt access to their funds and securities if Advantage is unable to continue its business.


    In the event of a business interruption where Advantage relocates to our alternate business continuity site, clients of Advantage will have uninterrupted access to their funds and/or securities by contacting us directly by telephone at our off-site location. The off-site location and telephone number are as follows:


    Advantage Futures LLC
    1501 W. Warren Avenue
    Downers Grove, IL 60515
    Telephone Number: 312.800.7000 or 312.800.7120


    Advantage, through the use of state-of-the-art technology, anticipates continuous access by customers to information regarding their accounts, including positions, order entry, and movement of funds. Customers may call Advantage for access to their accounts and related account inquiries during a declared business interruption at the telephone numbers listed above.


    Varying Disruptions
    Significant business disruptions may vary in scope. For example, a disruption may affect only Advantage, the building in which Advantage is located, the business district where Advantage is located or an entire region. Further, the impact of the disruption may also vary from minimal to severe. The extent and severity of the disruption will determine the steps taken by Advantage. If a disruption only affects Advantage and is minimal, Advantage may conclude that it is not necessary to transfer operations to another location. If, on the other hand, a severe disruption affects the entire region, it is more likely that Advantage will attempt to transfer its operations to a site outside the affected area.


    Further Information
    The Plan is subject to change from time to time. You may obtain a current copy of this notice by contacting your Advantage representative or writing to Advantage at:


    Advantage Futures LLC
    231 S. LaSalle – Suite 1400
    Chicago, IL 60604