Advantage Futures

The Advantage:

Fast, Reliable Exchange Connectivity

We are committed to providing clients with direct market access via high-performance, reliable connections to the world’s major futures exchanges. As trading continues to evolve, clients that access exchanges through Advantage Futures’ low-latency network will continue to realize a competitive edge. In today’s high-speed financial markets, microseconds matter. Advantage Futures maintains an advanced, robust network designed to maximize your trading speed and reliability.

In today’s world of uncertainty, Advantage Futures recognizes the importance of peace of mind. Our clients trade with confidence knowing that their trade data is safe, funds are segregated, and exchange connections are up and running.

Low latency trading

  • For algorithmic traders or high-frequency, low-latency traders, server colocation at one of Advantage Futures’ highly secure data centers provides our lowest latency exchange connection.
  • Select Advantage Futures’ data centers are equipped with multiple, redundant  exchange connections to provide you with high-performance connectivity and reliability.
  • Maximizing execution speeds is one of the major advantages of server colocation, but there are many other key benefits, including better uptime, redundant power, redundant cooling, scalability, accessibility, and security.

Redundant data centers

  • Multiple and redundant exchange connections over high-capacity fiber optic pipelines designed to achieve low latency
  • Redundancy and scalability to protect your critical data
  • Fully redundant back office systems at our disaster recovery facility to protect vital statement and trade data
  • An ideal environment to maximize your chances of success with algorithmic trading strategies
  • Trade data load is balanced to assure efficient, timely information and detect and correct inaccuracies quickly
  • Fiber connected offices at each of our trading locations

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