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Inside Advantage Winter 2018

The Advantage Futures quarterly magazine provides informative articles on top industry news and developments, as well as Advantage Futures updates, seminar recaps, and upcoming events. View the latest issues by clicking the related links below, and receive your own copy by signing up for Advantage News.

Cryptoassets Q&A


Advantage Futures: Why did DRW first get involved in cryptocurrencies? Mr. Don Wilson: DRW is always looking for new opportunities, and we encourage employees to come forward with interesting ideas. In 2012, several employees were excited about bitcoin and how it might impact

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Q&A with Hull Tactical Asset Allocation

Interview with Blair Hull

DISCLAIMER: This article is presented for information purposes only. It is intended for your personal, non-commercial use. No information or opinions contained in this publication constitute a solicitation or offer to buy or sell securities, futures or to furnish any investment advice or service. PAST

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2018 Economic Outlook: Why has inflation been so subdued?

By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group

All examples in this report are hypothetical interpretations of situations and are used for explanation purposes only. The views in this report reflect solely those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of CME Group or its affiliated institutions. This report and the information herein

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Providing the world with access to Asia

By Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Headquartered in AAA-rated Singapore, SGX is globally recognized as a leading liquid pan-Asian multi-asset exchange in Asia. Since pioneering the Nikkei 225 futures contract in 1986, SGX is amongst the leading offshore markets for global participants to access and trade key Asian economies (China, Japan,

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