Advantage Futures

Exchange Membership Facilitation

Exchange memberships enable clients to trade specific products at preferential clearing rates. Greater volume increases savings, so high frequency traders benefit from investigating the full scope of membership status.

Advantage Futures offers clients assistance through the entire membership process and is able to:

  • Analyze the membership type most beneficial to your trading
  • Assist in completing membership application forms and accompaniments
  • Act as a qualifying firm for membership ownership or seat leasing
  • Negotiate seat lease agreements and assist with the renewal process
  • Assist in the bid and offer process
  • Liaise between clients and banks to secure seat loans
  • Process lease documents and monthly payments

Memberships can be purchased or leased. Several categories of memberships are available and each facilitates specific trading objectives. If you wish to cross-trade products at reduced clearing rates, you need to hold memberships at each of the exchanges involved. The rights and privileges of memberships are exchange-specific.

Click on one of the exchanges above to learn about membership options, the application process, pricing and other relevant information.