Advantage Futures

Trade Up to Personalized Service.

Advantage Futures focuses on exceeding client expectations by offering a full range of superior services that make their trading experience more rewarding.

At Advantage Futures you’ll benefit from expanded execution and clearing services, along with value-added trade strategies and suggestions to maximize your success potential. Our multi-million dollar investment in technology infrastructure and management, combined with our 24-hour technology support team, assures uninterrupted trading, and makes sure orders flow with unsurpassed speed and reliability. Our real-time monitoring of credit and risk management grants the ultimate level of financial security. Our back-office operations provide clients with customized daily statements, and real-time internet access to positions and trades.

We offer multiple trading locations, including our corporate office and trading facility at 231 S. LaSalle St. and our Downers Grove facility. Downers Grove also houses our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Center, equipped with its own natural gas generator system for continuous power.

Designed to suit the specific needs of each client, Advantage offers tailored execution services for those interested in broker-assisted execution. Advantage Futures is efficiently staffed with professional and courteous employee teams that focus on every aspect associated with our clients trading, so traders can focus on what they do best—trade.


Our direct-to-floor sales team excels at high volume trade execution and value added trading strategies. Their premier floor locations are positioned near key liquidity centers and their direct access to electronic trading enables them to execute orders on the platform that best serves their clients. CTAs, commercial and investment banks, hedge funds and money managers, rely on our direct-to-floor execution team to access a broad array of exchanges and market sectors.

Our veteran brokers average over 20 years of industry experience. They provide market analysis, trading strategies, and effective dual-platform execution to support our clients’ trading efforts and ensure orders are executed accurately and efficiently.


Advantage Futures features a 24-hour Global Execution Desk with the infrastructure and personnel to provide our clients round-the-clock access to execution and market information. Our experienced execution staff keeps clients abreast of developments in futures markets around the globe, giving traders real time access to efficient and instantaneous trade executions. Advantage Futures clients can also be added to GED Call Request Lists to be notified of pre-determined market moves during overnight and/or regular trading hours.

Institutions, hedge funds, proprietary trading groups and professional traders alike count on our experienced 24-hour Desk staff to service their global trading needs. Our GED Team is prepared to serve as your primary access to the markets or as a back-up service to your regular trading. No matter where you are, a single phone call to the Advantage Futures GED team presents you with immediate market access.


The Advantage Futures 24-Hour Global Execution Desk (GED) team maintains Call Request Lists for Advantage Futures clients. By contacting the GED team, you can add yourself to any of our lists and we will notify you if the market fluctuates in the predetermined manner during overnight trading and/or during regular trading hours.*

Advantage Futures is pleased to add you to any of our Call Request Lists. Clients may contact the Global Execution Desk to provide your name, contact phone number, Advantage Futures account number and Call Request. If you would like to be contacted during regular trading hours as well as overnight, please mention this in your request.

Contact Advantage Futures Global Execution Desk at: 312.800.7800
OR Toll Free at: 1.877.244.3488

Please note that these calls will be made on a not-held, non-guaranteed basis and are based upon a variety of factors including our team’s availability. We will make our best effort to call you based on market conditions at the GED.