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Advantage Futures CEO Emphasizes Financial Strength

A note from Advantage Futures CEO Joe Guinan

March 2012

Dear Valued Advantage Futures Clients:

Thank you for your business and, more importantly, your trust. All of us at Advantage Futures remain committed to providing the unparalleled service you deserve while ensuring your money is properly segregated and secured, in full compliance with CFTC Rules 1.20 and 30.7. Advantage maintains an investment philosophy that is far more conservative than required under CFTC Rule 1.25. In an effort to offer greater transparency, the chart below depicts our average daily investment of client funds for December which highlights our cautious approach to investing (currently over $500 million in client funds).

Over the past two months, Advantage experienced incredible interest from many displaced clients. We attribute this to our reputation as a high-quality, conservatively managed FCM with tremendous risk management, outstanding technology services, and unquestioned integrity. As we welcome new business, we understand that the trust and confidence of new and existing clients must be earned each and every day–not by our words, but by our actions.

Advantage Futures does not engage in proprietary trading. Clients can rest assured knowing we have neither a competing interest with their trading nor are we taking on incremental risk by speculating in the markets. Advantage Futures focuses exclusively on what we do best–providing excellent clearing, execution and technology services for our expanding client base.

Our strict management principles have seen us through tumultuous events in the past and continue to serve us well. I assure you that we will continue to adhere to our guiding philosophy of making prudent, ethical decisions when it comes to our business and your funds.

Thank you for your business, your trust and your confidence.

I wish you a prosperous New Year.


Joe Guinan

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