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Interest Rates: Trading the Swap Spread

January 2014 Many traders think in terms of buying (selling) interest rate futures to capitalize on anticipated falling (rising) yields in response to changes in Fed policy or to dynamic macroeconomic conditions. Some take a more subtle approach by trading spreads between, for example, CBOT

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AlphaFlash® Trader Brings Automated Event Driven Trading

April 2013 AlphaFlash® Trader brings automated event driven trading to popular execution platforms Q: Let’s start with the basics: What is AlphaFlash Trader? A: AlphaFlash Trader is a trading application that allows users of popular trading platforms to automate their trading based on macroeconomic news.

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Today’s Futures Trader

October 2012 By Iqbal Brainch Chief Marketing Officer Advantage Futures   Electronic trading transformed the futures industry over the past decade. The players have adapted and evolved to suit the new technological landscape.  How have open outcry traders made the leap to a world of

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Our Explosive Growth of Futures Trading from Dubai

October 2012 Q: There seems to be a significant increase in Advantage Futures business coming out of Dubai. Any thoughts on reasons behind this? A: here are significant regulations in Dubai that provide a tax favorable environment for traders to conduct business there. More recently, with

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