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Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) T4

CTS’s T4 is a front-end software trading platform that offers professional traders the ability to trade with ease, satisfaction, and total flexibility. Features of T4 include:

  • T4 Custom Strategies allows you to create, chart and trade custom spreads.
  • Options Pro, Advanced Option capabilities with trading sheets, analyzer, heat map, create UDS, RFQ and more.
  • Order templates, create and save Multi Exit OCO and Standard Batch orders.
  • Spread Matrix: display multiple months of a given contract with different views such as Calendar spreads, Butterflies and Condor strategies.
  • Order Counts: total number of orders that make up the volume at any given price.
  • Market Mode Countdown: display in seconds how long before the next market mode change, i.e. the number of seconds before preopen or close.
  • Charts (with over 50 studies and indicators), Market Profile and News.
  • An expansive list of order types including Market Orders, Limits, Stops, Stop-Limits, Trailing Stops, MITs, GTCs, OCOs, MOCs and Auto OCOs. Plus Activation orders.
  • T4 API – Create your own customized functionality or your own black box system using T4’s available open API. No attachment or reoccurring monthly fees for API functionality. Visit for more information.
  • T4Mobile for Android, real time quotes, contract windows, charts, order book and quote boards. Download from Google Play or Amazon App Store.

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with CTS, see the schedule below. Please contact an Advantage sales representative with any questions at 312.800.7000.


  • Pricing subject to change

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For a detailed listing of the prices associated with Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) T4, please contact an Advantage Futures sales representative with any questions at 312.800.7000, or email us at

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