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The OnixS directConnect products are specialized high performance, low latency direct market access market data, order routing and post-trade solutions calibrated and certified for specific Exchanges, Liquidity Pools and Routing Networks/Brokers.

They are designed to be programmatically integrated with, and closely coupled to, latency critical automated trading strategies and to save money and time in development, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

The OnixS directConnect Market Data Handlers include full Book management, synchronization and recovery – more than just a market data decoder – with recovery, instrument filtering by symbol and sub-channel, inter and intraday static updates, incremental image updates – all the data feed capabilities needed by trading strategy calculation engines.

The API is designed for ease-of-use and flexibility – designed for rapid integration with trading strategy architectures with a common API style for multi-venue implementations.

Exchanges offer a range of API’s from those designed on industry standards for ease of use, to complex proprietary API’s designed for high throughput and low latency. OnixS directConnect implementations are designed for ease of use while supporting the lowest latency API’s available from the exchanges.

OnixS supports the OnixS directConnect implementations to ensure they are production ready and support current and future venue protocol standards and enhancements. The fast-start source code reference implementations are designed to aid rapid developer familiarization and minimum time to deployment – thus saving time and money in integration testing.

Supported platforms include: Windows C++ 32 and 64-bit , Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo) C++ 32 and 64-bit, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 Framework 32 and 64-bit implementations, and Java implementations.


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