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Vela is a leading independent provider of trading and market access technology for global multi-asset electronic trading. Our software enables clients to rapidly access global liquidity, markets, and data sources for trading execution. We help firms successfully differentiate and innovate in an ever-changing, increasingly-regulated and fiercely-competitive landscape.

Vela’s market data, execution and automated trading software deliver a unique, ultra-low latency technology stack to simplify and streamline electronic trading. Our modular technology stack provides access to a comprehensive set of trading, data and risk APIs and can be delivered as-a-Service from multiple co-location data centers globally.


The Metro Trading Platform from Vela offers a complete solution for options pricing, execution, and risk management combined with API extensibility to support automated, algorithmic, and click trading strategies.

Solution Overview


  • Over a dozen different option theoretical models utilized by traders, brokers, market makers, and risk managers across all product classes
  • Hundreds of different combinations of volatility curve setting techniques for both client preference and market fitting
  • Interface for viewing and adjusting volatility skews and volatility paths


  • Quoting engine for electronic market making constantly evolving with latest technology and latency expectations
  • Customizable and configurable target finder for market taking
  • Views of and interaction with spread markets including automated responses to exchange auctions and RFQs
  • Configurable edge and safety levels combining protection with desired functional performance
  • Multitude of click trading techniques and custom order types


  • Real-time calculation of option Greeks, Positions and P&L available in multiple configurable views and portfolios
  • Highlights include volatility and time shocking, strike level reports, and the combination and normalization of related products in the energy, index, and interest rate options spaces


  • Integrates with client’s own systems via Vela’s Subway socket API
  • Ability to customize all aspects of Metro and build your own fully-embedded applications within your environment using Vela’s low-latency algorithmic API, Freeway
  • Applications built by partners available in our app store for clients wishing to tailor their trading experience to their specific style
  • Excel integration, exchange Drop Copy, and clearing position reconciliation also available


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