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FIS’ Valdi

FIS’ Valdi is a suite of global multi-asset trading solutions for listed equities, derivatives, commodities and fixed income instruments that provides access to trading venues around the world. Valdi includes market data and advanced trade, order, execution and liquidity management systems as well as pre-trade and post-trade risk and compliance solutions.

Valdi Futures Trader is a professional trading workstation designed for trading listed derivatives on the world’s global electronic markets. It offers a feature-rich trading experience built to operate over private networks and the Internet with no configuration or setup required on the trader’s PC.

Trading capabilities

  • Create and trade options strategies, handle RFQs and block trades
  • Deploy algorithms into third-party engines via FIX/XML-based order tickets
  • Trade spreads/strategies via server-based Valdi Combo Trader application
  • Route orders to multiple brokers via FIX links and/or the SGN Network
  • Clients can view all trades and receive electronic updates for both electronic market orders and non-electronic (e.g. telephone-brokered) market orders
  • Positions and P&L are available via Valdi Futures Trader’s P&L viewer
  • FIS offers a post-trade feed from Valdi Futures Trader and Valdi Trader directly to Stream Clearvision, which matches with exchanges and feeds back-office systems
  • Accounts can be amended at the trading workstations
  • Executions can be split across multiple accounts and an automated averaging algorithm will book the split at an average price

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