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Automated event trading software has previously been extremely expensive, overly complicated, and difficult to use. We make it easy to understand, easy to use, and extremely affordable. You don’t have to be a hedge fund, big bank, or employ a team of programmers to use this software.

The Gradient Scale Order System allows you to factor in a wide variety of possible outcomes. You can trade many contracts for very strong or very weak economic events, or only a few contracts on a number that comes in at the expected range. For anything in between, the Gradient Scale System will automatically calculate the quantity and price in the spectrum of possible outcomes.

  • Logic Window – Just a few clicks and you have a Plain English Sentence to explain your strategy.
  • Gradient Scale Order System – The stronger the economic number or Earnings Report, the more contracts you buy.
  • High Speed – Execute Hundreds to Thousands of times faster than any human can trade.
  • Aggregated Feeds – The fastest feed is the one you trade, or use two feeds to double check accuracy.
  • Warning System – Set up your own warning profile for any strategy. It will tell you if you’ve entered in the wrong buy or sell order.
  • Global News – Trade economic events from all over the world.

For a detailed listing of the prices associated with AlgoFast, please contact an Advantage Futures sales representative with any questions at 312.800.7000, or email us at

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