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Blue Trading Systems

Blue Trading Systems delivers comprehensive, high-performance trading solutions to professional futures and options traders.


BTS Spark was developed to provide futures traders with control over server hardware, exceptional support from vendor partners, and low latency execution. BTS also offers an FPGA accelerated version of BTS Spark to provide lower latencies.

BTS Edge is our options trading platform with an intuitive user interface, which assists with trading decisions and scours the market for opportunities. The flexibility in setting volatility curves to reflect true market value leads to reliable prices and realistic, accurate risk reports.

Ultra Low-Latency Electronic Trading
Clients benefit from the considerable time and effort invested in producing these advanced trading systems. Tested over years in the market, they provide an excellent technical foundation for derivatives traders.

The customer service team is comprised of industry veterans who understand the urgent nature of your business and technology issues while delivering unparalleled support.

We aim to offer high performance and comprehensive functionality at a reasonable price.

Blue Trading Systems – Spark Pricing
License $1,000 per month, per user for shared server; $1,200 for dedicated hardware. Billed monthly, in advance.
Exchange Gateways CME Group included
Additional exchanges: $250 per month, per exchange, per user.
Blue Trading Systems – Edge Pricing
License $1,650 per month, per user. Billed quarterly, in advance.
$500 per month, per exchange, per trading team.
Hosting $700 per month, per server


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